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Working at JobBoost

Congratulations with your new job! We would like to welcome you in our team of young professionals. 

This manual contains important information about working at JobBoost. This manual is here to give you a clear overview about practical matters, like the code of conduct, our method of working, your wage and how to claim your travel expenses. We suggest reading the manual at least once before you start your first day. If you have any questions after reading the manual, please let us know! If you have any remarks let us know as well. You can reach us via 0880 900 900.

Downloading the JobBoost App

You can register your hours via our app: JobBoost. You can download the app via the Appstore or Playstore.



There is also a browser version for desktops and laptops:

Make sure you fill in your worked hours through the app’s registration system. Your registered hours will be checked by us and your supervisor.

About: Reimbursements

Whether reimbursements (e.g. travel reimbursement) are applicable for you, depends on the employer you work for. If they’re applicable, you can declare them via our app (see: expenses via the app)

NOTE: Hour registration and declarations have to be submitted immediately after a shift, or at the end of the week (for the whole week) if you work on the same days every week.


We reimburse €0,19 cents per kilometer. You can submit this via our app (see: expenses via the app). Parking costs cannot be reimbursed, unless stated otherwise by and/or discussed with JobBoost. Please check in advance where you can park your car best. From experience we know the website works well when looking for cheap or free parking spots. 

Public transport

Public transport costs can be fully reimbursed. Make sure you add a specification of your travel history (e.g. a printout). You’re personally responsible for giving a clear overview of the routes and transactions. Information about making an officialy approved overview of your costs can be found on the following website:

IMPORTANT: Travel history via an anonymous OV-chipcard will NOT be approved as a tax free reimbursement by the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst).

The JobBoost App

IMPORTANT: The term declaration covers both the wage you get for your shifts + the expenses you make (e.g. travel expenses).

Install the JobBoost app on your phone. You can log in with the employee login details (these should be in your inbox). There are 3 different tabs in the bottom of the screen.

Klussen (Projects)

When you’re logged in you can see the following homescreen.

Mijn Diensten (My Shifts)

In this tab you see the shifts your scheduled in for. This tab is meant for the shifts that are planned by JobBoost.

Click on ‘Mijn Diensten (shifts)’ in the bottom of your screen. Here you can find the shifts that you are scheduled in for. 

Click on the shift to see more information.

When you decide your schedule directly with your employer, you get the possibility to add your own shifts. This function is only accessible via a browser and not through the app.

IMPORTANT: When this is applicable to you, you will receive a separate email about making your own shifts.

Declaraties (Declarations)

In the tab ‘declaraties’ there is a difference between creating and editing a declaration. As mentioned before, some projects at JobBoost require you to make your own declarations. There are also projects where declarations are made for you in advance by JobBoost. In this case, you can edit the starting and ending times and add expenses after every shift.  When you start your new job you will be informed which of the two methods apply to your project.


Register your shifts and expenses via the tab ‘declaraties’.

Step 1: Select the plus icon to create a new declaration.

Step 2: After selecting the plus, you will be directed to the following screen. Fill in the times of your shift and roundup the time in units of 5 minutes.

Breaks are also roundup per 5 minutes. Finished filling in your hours? Click on the green check icon to confirm.


Edit your shifts and expenses via the tab ‘declaraties’. Here you can find all the shifts you’ve worked. Choose the day you want to edit your shifts or declare expenses. 

Step 1: Click on ‘bewerken’  (edit) on the top right.

Step 2: Fill in the working hours and roundup per 5 minutes.

Breaks are also roundup per 5 minutes. Finished filling in your hours? Click on the green check icon to confirm.


During shifts you might make extra costs. For example, you may have to pay for travel costs (public transport or kilometers). The images below will show you how to claim your travel costs.

Step 1: Press ‘voeg een bon toe (add receipt)’ to claim your expense.  

Step 2: Select your type of expense.

Step 3: Click on ‘bestand toevoegen (add file)’ to add documents of proof of your expenses.

Then click on ‘opslaan (save)’ in the top right of the screen. If all the steps are followed your declaration is complete and will be reimbursed with your next wage. 

If there is a mistake you can fix it by re following the steps above. Are you facing difficulties, or do you have a question? Call us or send us a WhatsApp.

Example 1 (car):

A photo of your travel route with the amount of kilometers. Use a printscreen of your route via Google Maps.

Example 2 (public transport):

A printout of your public transport costs can be found on your personal public transport account:

IMPORTANT:  travel history via an anonymous OV-chipkaart won’t be approved as a tax free reimbursement by the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst).

Here you can find an explanation on how to create an overview of your travel expenses through your OV-travel history:


The wages are identical to the wages of the company that you will work for (in the same function). Before you start you can check this with your contact person at JobBoost. The break (often half an hour for a full working day) is generally not paid. However, this also depends on the arrangements with the client. 

We pay your wage weekly, always the week after the week you have worked. This means you will receive your wage no later than that friday (week after). 

We pay your wage including all the legal reserves and (holiday) allowances. In other words, you don’t accumulate reserves separately (for example, yearly vacation reserves).


We have outsourced our pay-rolling to the company Tentoo. Tentoo is responsible for paying your wage. We will take care of getting you registered with them, but you will have to finish your registration on their platform yourself. After the registration is completed, you will receive an email from Tentoo with a link to your own account ( Here you can digitally sign your contract and submit the final documentation (bank account, copy of your ID). After your first salary, you can also view your payslip on this platform. Through Tentoo you will receive an agency agreement Phase A (zero-hour contract).

Job Confirmation

You will receive a job confirmation before you start with your project. This is an important document containing remuneration specifications at the job in question. The job confirmation is an integral part of your employment contract. If you have any objections regarding the job confirmation, you ought to object by writing within three weeks after your start date.

Project Confirmation

Work schedule, location, specific instructions and any other formalities, such as a dress code and/or lunch/diner will be sent to you in a separate email. If you have any questions regarding the job and project confirmation, please let us know via 0880 900 900.


We communicate mostly via WhatsApp. You can download this app via:

We don’t use WhatsApp groups, we like to keep the contact with you as personal as possible. If you are experiencing any emergencies or calamities, it’s important that you communicate this with us, via 0880 900 900, and with your contact person on location (at your project/job). 

We at JobBoost value honest communication. If you are ever planning on starting a new study or job, we would like to stay informed so we can take this into account and perhaps even support you during this process.

Absence due to sickness, ariving late, or unforseen circumstances

Calling in sick or absent can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Call us between 9:00 and 10:00 to call in sick. This way we can remove any shifts you have planned that day
  2. Call your contact on location to call in sick. This way the company is informed that you will not be there that day.
  3. Call Tentoo (020 280 16 81) before 10:00 to call in sick, so they can register your sick days for administrative purposes (payments)

Unforeseen circumstances or late arrival

In some cases you might be delayed by traffic or other valid circumstances. In this case, you need to contact your supervisor on location. There is no need to call us in this situation. The only exception is if you think you might not be able to make it for the rest of the day. In that case, call your supervisor and call us as well (0880 900 900).

Due to the possibilities of delay we suggest you to always aim to be present at the location 15 minutes before the start of your shift.

Rules when working at the client

When working on location you must always follow the health and safety codes that are apply there. You can find these in your project confirmation. Always consider the following rules as well:

  • Report dangerous situations and accidents asap to your supervisor; 
  • Always follow the procedures and safety precautions;
  • Always follow the correct work methods and handle machines, dangerous substances and personal safety equipment correctly; 
  • If you’re uncertain on how to carry out a task safely, let your supervisor know and ask for instructions;
  • Prevent dangerous situations for yourself and your surrounding when you’re carrying out your tasks;
  • Leave the workplace behind clean and have the machines and equipment safely stowed back in place. 

Dress Code

Make sure you look representative on location. After all, you represent JobBoost while you are there. Depending on the tasks, a pair of jeans and a shirt, pullover or neutral T-shirt is sufficient, unless stated differently. Head-wear or T-shirts and/or other clothing items with obscene and shocking tests or prints are not allowed. Naturally, JobBoost expects colleagues to wear clean and fresh clothes everyday. With some projects it’s necessary to dress up a bit more. If this is the case, this will be communicated well in advance. 

Personal hygiene is very important to make a good impression on your supervisor and your colleagues. Make sure you arrive fresh and clean to your workplace every day.

Regulations regarding phone and internet usage

Make sure you are aware of the regulations at your workplace regarding personal phone usage during work hours. Generally speaking, it’s best if you only use your phone during breaks. If you are expecting an important call, let your supervisor know. Frequent use of your phone (e.g. for WhatsApp, Social Media or games) is often not allowed during working hours.  Make sure you’re informed about the applicable rules and take these into account.

Regulations regarding Social Media

Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine your daily life without Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). JobBoost encourages using Social Media, but be aware that certain information can be damaging to JobBoost or the client. To help you with this we have set up a few guidelines, please mind the following points:

  • As an employee of JobBoost you may share information via Social Media, as long as it’s not confidential and will not harm JobBoost and/or the client. If the information concerns brands or people, first consult with your supervisor or get in touch with the JobBoost team before you post;
  • As an employee of JobBoost you’re not allowed to share confidential and/or damaging information regarding clients, customers, partners or suppliers of JobBoost or the client.
  • Even with the slightest doubt about a post or about common grounds with JobBoost and/or the client, it’s wise to first get in touch with JobBoost.
  • Be careful when you’re in an argument with the client, a customer or a competitor. If a post is misunderstood or badly substantiated, it can have negative consequences for JobBoost and/or the client.

Alcohol and drug policy

Using and/or possessing alcohol or drugs, before and/or during your shift, is strictly prohibited. It will have a direct impact on your contract in case this is detected by the client or by JobBoost. If you have to take medication during your shift due to medical reasons, please get in touch with the JobBoost office and your supervisor to discuss your situation.


Have you ended up in a conflict or do you feel like you might? Please let us know asap by calling us: 0880 900 900. If the situation gets out of control: stay professional and remain calm, let the other person know you like to get in touch with us first before you get into an argument. Make sure you communicate any issues or problems with us soon, then we can find a solution together quickly.

Contact JobBoost

Visiting and post address & contactdetails:
JobBoost B.V.
John M. Keynesplein 12-46
1066 EP te Amsterdam
Tel: 0880 900 900

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